Celebrating a celebration- Independence Day

Today is the day of commemorating our independence from the British rule. Yes, today is 15th August, the day we, got freedom from being slaves to the British Kingdom. It is the day where our national flag will be seen flying high in the sky with much joy and happiness around. India turns 65 today. As a young citizen of this country, I feel sad that today, the day we got our independence is nothing more than a mere holiday. A holiday which the people treat as a weekend and not as a celebration.

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Happy Independence Day!

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Arrange the Love in your Marriage

“At the touch of Love everyone becomes a poet” – was quoted by Plato and aptly so.

Thus I am writing a small poem urging people to guide the wayward heart through a beacon of Love. It doesn’t matter whether the marriage is Love Marriage or Arranged Marriage but what matters is how you row your boat and sail through the turbulent tides.

A stranger then and a stranger now
Is the state of many marriages that happen in town
From being ‘Single’ to ‘Complicated’ to ‘Engaged’ to ‘Married’
The journey was merrier with no waves and rocks
And as speedily as the statuses changed
So came the turbulent waves and wrecked Love
Love died and took divorce
As Marriage was a mere spectator
But bonds like this are meant to last forever and ever
In a special world where Love blossoms and leave never
Be it Love Marriage or Arranged Marriage
Love has and needs to stay at the zenith
So never break or bow before the circumstances
Rather arrange the Love before Love arranges itself

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A treasure lost forever

Note: I have written this verse in the awe of recent atrocities against women. This is a humble request to all the Men that please don’t view Women as objects and coerce her to fulfill your sexual urge. Also note that some of the words might not be liked by all.

She was looking too pretty; eyes could do nothing but stare at her, enjoy her beauty.
With mesmerizing eyes, pouting lips, thick, lustrous and wavy hair asking to be loved.
What was it?  Her eyes, lips, hair, her sex appeal.
Or her bubbly face, her grace or the sexy sway of her hips?
What was it that attracted him towards her?
What was it that he wanted to lay his hands on this beautiful chick?
Neither he knew the answer nor she knew about his cruel intentions.
And looking for a secluded place on the road, he gave an end to a lively soul.
Fondled and groped and played till he satisfied his penis.
Screaming with deep pain and teary eyes, she didn’t knew what had happened.
That day, that time she died hundred times and
he lived hundred times, satisfying his urge.
Her eyes, her lips, her hair, everything looked weak and sculpted.
Her bubbly smile, her shiny hair, her sway of hips were all gone.
The most cherished person bid adieu to the universe.
A hidden pearl, a treasure was lost forever.

Cricket cannot ease Indo-Pak relation

So came a yorker so fiercely like a tracer bullet that made a deep impact on the stumps. And the scoreboard read “India –  Out Bowled Pakistan”.

So out of the blue, BCCI has allowed a bi-lateral series against Pakistan. Bravo! This was just needed where we as a country stand for Brotherhood in spite of being shown Bandooks times immemorial. For God’s sake it is we who are angry and need to be pacified, not them. A complete straight walk has been given to PCB by BCCI in spite of Pakistan’s rejected accountability for the heinous acts, claims of innocence and where their own court rejects its own 26/11 panel report. I doubt if there is any back door deal striking place; you nab the culprits, punish them and in return we will play cricket with you. BCCI is playing cricket at the expense of country’s sentiments.

Cricket is a gentleman’s game and thus we also need gentleman’s in its administration. But sadly all we have is politicians, businessman but rarely a gentleman. This is the 21st century cricket where Politics and Cricket are joined by hips and cannot be separated especially when it comes to India and Pakistan. The question that needs an immediate answer is: Since there was no cricket being played in the aftermath of Mumbai attack then what was the need to start playing again since neither the perpetrators of the attack have been punished nor found guilty by Pakistan. One may say that sport should be kept away from politics but on the other hand we use it to ease the tension and act as everything is normal.

Why is it that we are all charged up watching the Indo-Pak cricket match? It is that anguish, distress, state of abhorring that it brings along. Be it on the cricket field and on both the sides of LOC. It boils down to” izzat ka sawal”. But this emotions cannot bring the perpetrators to book. Neither can they stop the act of terror affecting other neighbours. It is sad to see that instead of going all out to wipe out terrorism both the nations either start or stop playing cricket and use cricket as a bait to pacify one another. Strange but true. I must say our government shows high level of optimism with regard to cricket being used as balm to ease tension.

Now since we are hosting Paksitan all I hope is that cricket goes on between the nations irrespective of the tension as it is simply a sport and not a political event garnering eyeballs.

That day Mumbai was stabbed and murdered

Life had taken a beating that day. Smiles had turned into sorrows. Faces were in shock, despair, unrecognizable as they lay in the pool of blood. No one knew about other fellow commuter’s life. A city that never sleeps was made to sleep that day. Mumbai was stabbed and murdered brutally by a terrorist attack.


It had made an international headline that day. TV channels read “Seven Bomb blasts on Mumbai’s trains”, “Seven bomb blasts rocked Mumbai’s lifeline”, “Mumbai rocked with a series of bomb blasts”. Shocking visuals were shown from the various blast spots on the TV. It was the day for prayers and mourning for the loss life.


(Sometime during the day, before the blasts)

The digital watch read 11th July, 2006 as he happily waited for the train to arrive at the platform. It was his big day today as he was going to receive his job confirmation letter from his employer. He again looked at the watch and smiled. He looked very happy. And as the train arrived, he boarded the train and grabbed a window seat. Sooner he plugged his ear phones into his ears and was enjoying the beautiful lyrics of the song and the phone ranged. He smiled and answered the call “Yes, I’ll meet you at 5 in the eve. Same place. Don’t be late ok. Bye.” His eyes were bright after the talk and was blushing since then. He got down at the station, went to his work place and collected the confirmation letter from his employer. He was ecstatic on receiving the letter in his hand. He called his parents and gave them the good news. His parents were also elated with joy.

He looked at his watch which read quarter to five, blushed again and waited at the place for the clock to struck five. And after few minutes, a beautiful young lady walking briskly waved at him. Eagerness to meet each other was clearly visible in their eyes. They both hugged each other and sat on the bench. They started conversing with each other and after sometime he stood up, bent down on his one knee, removed a rose from his pocket and proposed her. She immediately accepted the proposal and both were lost in their own world. It was a big day for both of them. After some time they bid good-bye to each other and started for their respective homes.

He boarded the train to reach his home. But little did he knew of his fate. Within minutes of his boarding the train, the coach in which he was sitting flew open and he was thrown some 50 meters away. A metal rod pierced through his body killing him instantly. That happy day for people in his life became the saddest day of their lives. A good son, a good lover and most importantly a good innocent person was murdered that day.


There are many such stories of love, love between a mother and son, father and daughter, husband and wife, kids and their parents etc. which have been buried and lost forever because of this coward act of murdering innocent people. Who knew that it would be the last time they would see their loved ones. The day can never be forgotten. Tears have stopped but the heart still cries, dying to see their loved ones.

It still sends not only me but many others a shiver down the spine who have witnessed this incident, the destruction, the force and power of the blast before losing their loved ones. It’s been SIX complete years since the tragedy struck Mumbai and still Mumbai,  it’s people and the entire India is waiting for the murderers to be jailed and hanged.

Please note: This post is an homage to all those who have lost their lives due to blasts and a word of strength and courage to people who are still to come to the terms of staying without their loved ones.