Style Personified

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Well to tell frankly I used to really envy those people wearing sunglasses since I was in school till I did a Lasik few years back to get rid of my spectacles. Imagine seeing people around you wearing those stylish, sleek, colorful (and all the other adjectives you can relate to) and you stare them with a gloomy face waiting for that memorable day to flaunt your own stylish sunglass. But that’s the thing of past. Now even I can flaunt my sunglass anywhere and everywhere.

Ray Ban RB 3025 002 3f

Since the year 2001 when the movie Dil Chahta Hai released I had made up my mind that if and when I get to wear the sunglass the lens color has to blue. (Inspired by Mr. Saif Ali Khan). So that’s exactly what I did. Just browsed through site and selected Ray Ban (as I am pretty fond of the brand), the frame and color. And here it is. Ray Ban RB 3025 002 3f.It is the kind of sunglass which can team up with casuals when you are on a road trip or having fun on beach side. So the look I think will go perfectly with this will be a smart white Shirt/T-shirt along with a cool blue denim/trendy short coupled with a black belt and sport shoes. This look will be smart, elegant, not too flashy and hopefully will be liked by most.

Ray Ban RB 4159 601 32

Now since I am getting a choice to select two sunglasses, my second choice is Ray Ban RB 4159 601 32. This is the kind of sunglass which gives a professional cum trendy look. The black frame and brown glass makes a perfect combination giving me the look of an intellect which is especially required for a banker like me. It can be used during day time while travelling and also during evenings just for some style and to avoid those dark circles. It can also be worn while attending a party or a function or a romantic dinner on the pool side. So my preferred look will be a basic office attire along with a blazer and in the eve can team up with a smart shirt and a jacket/waist coat.

Coming to the accessory part, I usually hang my glasses on pockets of my shirt as it can easily be kept when not required and worn back when needed. Alternatively I do hang my glasses on the hook given for belt as it gives a style statement and goes perfectly with a casual outing with friends and family. So, of the above two sunglasses I will hang the Aviator on my belt hook and the Wayfarer on my front pocket or around the first button of my shirt.

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